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Powertouch massage is a personal care massage and a mobile on-site chair massage business that provides chair massages on location for various events in addition to table massage sessions by a licensed and insured therapist(s) in office. Giving you an opportunity to experience relaxation and relief as a getaway in my office as well as coming to you during special events which includes: corporate events, trade shows, appreciation days, spa parties, health fairs, bridal parties, private events, conventions we have it covered!

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Corporate Chair Massage

There are many benefits for corporate chair massage. You can enjoy the idea of having someone come to you without leaving the office. A bit of relaxation within the office provides a sense appreciation and can also boost morale and productivity. If you're having an employee appreciation day, job well done, office party or just because consider corporate chair massage for your next event.

Private Events

Ladies night in, spa day, bridal shower or just because, consider the idea of having someone come to you to make the day extra special and relaxing. Powertouch massage has you covered.

Healthfairs/Wellness Events

Encouraging and promoting good health and wellness is always a plus. Although not the only way, massage is one of the many ways to decrease stress and can have physical and physiological effects on the body. Chair massages are perfect for your next health fair or wellness event.

Personal Care  

Massage sessions

Tension, stress, knots, soreness, aches, pain or just self maintenance, schedule a 30 min or 60 min massage session. Self-care is the best type of care. Powertouch massage caters to your needs by providing a customized experience. Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, pregnancy massage and reflexive exercises and aromatherapy. BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.


Whether large or small, for your next convention consider providing chair massages for your attendees. Your brand, product or company will have an extra spark with chair massage.

Powertouch  Massage

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